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Listen Your Way to Your Capital Campaign Gifts


What’s the toughest lesson to learn when you are soliciting your campaign gifts? To know when to shut up. Failure – or success – with your capital campaign ask Just imagine: Here you are, ready to make a key campaign solicitation. You’re getting ready to walk into your donor’s home, and you […]

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4 Guaranteed Strategies to Find Out More About Your Donors

blind woman in crowd

Don’t go into a capital campaign blind — with no idea whether your donors are going to make the kinds of gifts you’ll need to succeed. You’ve got to do some homework. How can you tell if you have donors who have the potential and inclination to give to your campaign? There […]

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Protect Your Annual Fund with Capital Campaign Policies


The subject of capital campaign policies used to make me shudder. They seemed dry and boring in comparison to the excitement of creating a grand vision and building deep relationships with big donors. But I’ve learned that if you don’t spell out key policies and practices early in your campaign, […]

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If You Want to Raise Big Money in a Capital Campaign, Do This Now!

Raise big money NOW!

I see so very many nonprofits limping along in their major gifts efforts until they want to embark on a capital campaign. Then they stall because they don’t have any major donors or influential leaders ready to step up. Want to Raise Big Money? Do This NOW! And major gifts are not rocket science. They […]

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Phases of a Capital Campaign: A Bird’s Eye View


I’ll bet you’ve heard people talk about the quiet phase and public phase of a capital campaign. You may also have been to a campaign kick-off. But do you really know what those things are and why they matter? In this post, you’ll learn about the basic shape of a […]

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Step-by-Step Checklist to Plan a Successful Capital Campaign


Every successful capital campaign has several phases with specific strategies for each one. If you go step-by-step through the correct sequence of each phase, you’ll set up your campaign so it’s most likely to reach (and even surpass) the goal. Each step in these processes is essential. You can’t rush […]

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