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Capital Campaigns and Major Gift Programs: More Than the Sum of Their Parts


How Do Your Major Gifts Program and Your Capital Campaign Work Together? You might wonder whether your capital campaign will undermine the work you’ve been doing to build a major gifts program for your annual fund. Will your donors choose one over the other? 4 Keys to a Strong Major […]

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Inspire Your Donors: Use Naming Opportunities for Your Capital Campaign

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Do donors give so they can see their name on a plaque? We hear this question quite often, so let’s get it out of the way quickly. No, donors don’t make gifts just to see their name on a wall. But naming opportunities *DO* make donors feel valued. And sometimes […]

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22 Ways to Get to Know Your Capital Campaign Donors

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Planning a capital campaign? If so, you had better get to know your donors ahead of time. Fact is, the success of  your campaign depends less on how well you ask for gifts and more on whether you’ve built strong relationships with your donors. Remember — at their core, capital […]

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No “Fundraising Board” for your Capital Campaign? No Problem!


Most nonprofits have boards full of hard-working people, committed people who give as generously as they can of their money, their time and their talents. But most board members themselves aren’t very wealthy, nor do they rub shoulders on a daily basis with people who are. They aren’t people who […]

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5 Capital Campaign Myths Debunked – Don’t Make These Mistakes!


Many of the concerns people have about capital campaigns — and the majority of mistakes they make during campaigns — can be laid at the foot of five common misconceptions. However, once you understand the facts, you will be less stressed and more likely to succeed. Myth #1: We have […]

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Is Your Board On Board for a Capital Campaign?

Everyone pointing forward?

If you’re getting ready for a capital campaign, you had better be sure you’re board is fully behind and excited about the plans. I’ve heard more than a few people express concern about their board’s commitment.  At the meeting when they discuss the plans, there doesn’t seem to be a […]

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