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How to Create the Most Compelling Capital Campaign Materials


I spent the afternoon looking through the stack of fundraising materials I’ve collected. I made two piles. In one pile, I placed the brochures I actually read — the ones that drew me in.  In the other pile, I put the ones I  couldn’t get through — the ones that […]

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Do You Really Need Slick Glossy Capital Campaign Brochures?

Capital Campaign Brochures

I have mixed feelings about expensive campaign brochures and materials. Here’s my ruthlessly practical take on them — there are good things about them and there are some not so good things about them. Here’s how various players involved in the capital campaign process feel about these expensive materials. Your […]

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Answers to 10 Urgent Capital Campaign Questions

question mark

We asked you to share with us your most pressing campaign questions.  And we got so many questions that we’ve decided to give you some quick answers to the most common questions. 10 Answers to Critical Capital Campaign Questions You’ll learn more fully about these ten topics in the coming […]

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How to Raise Major Gifts in order to Prepare for a Capital Campaign

Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 5.18.56 PM

by Amy Eisenstein How did you learn how to drive? You didn’t just hop in your parents’ car and take off down the highway (I hope!) – instead, you took classes and had a lot of practice sessions before you were able to drive well on your own. As Andrea […]

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Recording: How to Hire the Right Campaign Consultant


  How to Hire the Right Capital Campaign Consultant for Your Campaign        

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Why You Need a Capital Campaign Consultant

feet on puzzle which way to go?

Capital campaign consultants are important and frequent players on the capital campaign team. They can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to your campaign. But why are they so valuable? Understanding Why You Should Have Capital Campaign Consultant You are undertaking a high-risk, high stakes venture. Your […]

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