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Typical Questions Asked in a Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Most donors really do want to tell you what is in their hearts.

Let’s dispel the mystery about what happens during a feasibility study. I want to shine some light on this mysterious conversation that happens between your consultant and your prospective donor. Have you ever wondered exactly how this discussion works? As a veteran of countless feasibility studies, I’m sharing with you […]

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Feasibility Studies or Campaign Planning Studies: Which Do You Need?

Yes No Maybe

Why do a feasibility study if you know good and darn well that you’re going to launch a capital campaign? Turns out there are two kinds of capital campaign studies — Planning Studies and Feasibility Studies! Capital Campaign Planning Studies Help You Plan The question for you may not be, […]

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Use the Donor Pyramid to Focus Your Attention in the Right Places


Feel overwhelmed as you think about your capital campaign? Wonder how you’ll ever raise the money? The Donor Pyramid can help you find your way. What is the Donor Pyramid? These days we connect with donors from a great many places. Some might be introduced to your cause by a […]

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How to Make a Discovery Call on a Capital Campaign Prospect

Curiosity didn't kill the cat. And it won't kill you!

If you are at the start of your capital campaign, you will probably find yourself sifting through names and names of potential prospects. You’ll be trying to figure out whether these individuals might be prospects for a larger campaign gift. Many of our Pre-Campaign Coaching clients are working their way […]

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The Zen of Raising Money from Individual Donors


I’ve been volunteering for a small arts organization here in New York City teaching them how to raise money. The two people who founded the Center, I’ll call them John and Jesse, have created a remarkable program based on their passion for photo journalism. They’ve spent a huge amount of […]

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Step-by-Step Cultivation Moves for Your Capital Campaign Prospect

Cultivating your donor is like a careful dance!

How do successful capital campaigns land the big gifts? Through smart fundraisers who build close, happy and warm relationships with their major donors. These fundraisers who deeply involve their donor prospects. You may be working hard right now to develop a relationship with an important capital campaign prospect. How do […]

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