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Capital Campaign Communications: Plan Ahead and Succeed

Communications Plan

The quality of your capital campaign communications efforts can make or break your capital campaign. What do we mean by “communications” in the context of a capital campaign? We’re talking about everything from how you talk about what’s going on (your campaign’s theme, the gifts you receive, etc.) to the […]

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Grandfathering Gifts: Sleight of Hand or Sound Campaign Practice?

Older friendly man

Meet Tanya, the president of a large community college foundation. Tanya has just started getting ready for a campaign and we’re working with her to make sure that she’s poised for great success. Her college’s campaign is not going to start for at least another year. First, the master plan […]

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Who Needs a Capital Campaign Feasibility Study? YOU DO!

Feasibility Study

You know what your organization needs. It might be a new program, a new building, or something else. After all, that’s why you’re doing a capital campaign in the first place. And you feel like you’ve made a good start. You’ve drafted a case for support and have put together […]

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Taking Care of Donors Who Say ‘NO’ and Turn You Down

The word "No!"

It feels like a slap in the face. Even seeing the word ‘NO’ gives me a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. It feels lousy to be rejected by anyone. And it’s particularly painful when you ask a well-cultivated donor for a large gift you thought they were […]

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6 Powerful Elements that Create an Airtight Case for Support


Writing the case for supporting your campaign is hard work. Gail and I hear from many people in our coaching program just how hard it is. It’s hard to find the quiet time to concentrate. It’s hard to know how to organize the case. And really, it’s even harder to […]

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3 Essential Events to Highlight During Your Capital Campaign Timeline

Events also help boost your volunteers' enthusiasm.

Your capital campaign timeline will have many phases and milestones as you lay out the sequence of events. You’ll be preparing for different stages; from planning, to solicitation, to completion. Within your timeline, use these three major events to mark the beginning, middle and end of your campaign. These three […]

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