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Make Your Capital Campaign Meetings Rock in 5 Steps


I’ll bet you’ve been to meetings that were a total waste of your time. Unfortunately, lousy meetings are all too common. And the time suck is only one of the consequences. Poorly planned meetings also sap people’s energy and dampen their enthusiasm for your project. But if your meetings are […]

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How to Warm Up Your Capital Campaign Prospects for an Ask

Conversational Approach when asking capital campaign prospects

Capital campaign fundraising always comes down to asking for big gifts. You’ve been getting to know a group of high-dollar prospects, and you certainly hope they will come through with generous pledges to your campaign. Here’s how to gently warm them up for a successful solicitation. It’s essential to PREPARE […]

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How to Recruit the Best Volunteers to Lead Your Capital Campaign


Your capital campaign’s success will be almost inevitable if you recruit effective volunteers to serve on your campaign committees. You’ll want to enlist people who are powerful and generous and committed to  your cause. 4 Tips for Recruiting the Best Volunteers If you get the right people, they’ll energize your […]

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Capital Campaigns and Major Gift Programs: More Than the Sum of Their Parts


How Do Your Major Gifts Program and Your Capital Campaign Work Together? You might wonder whether your capital campaign will undermine the work you’ve been doing to build a major gifts program for your annual fund. Will your donors choose one over the other? 4 Keys to a Strong Major […]

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Inspire Your Donors: Use Naming Opportunities for Your Capital Campaign

Sticky Notes

Do donors give so they can see their name on a plaque? We hear this question quite often, so let’s get it out of the way quickly. No, donors don’t make gifts just to see their name on a wall. But naming opportunities *DO* make donors feel valued. And sometimes […]

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22 Ways to Get to Know Your Capital Campaign Donors

Woman with ?

Planning a capital campaign? If so, you had better get to know your donors ahead of time. Fact is, the success of  your campaign depends less on how well you ask for gifts and more on whether you’ve built strong relationships with your donors. Remember — at their core, capital […]

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