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How to Engage Top Prospects for Your Capital Campaign


Mega donors are essential if you are going to raise big money in your campaign. But many nonprofit leaders are challenged when it comes to approaching these important donors. Approaching an important community or philanthropic leader – even if you can get the appointment — can be downright scary. But […]

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How to Design Great Meetings for Your Capital Campaign

business meeting 2

A great consultant friend of mine recently described capital campaigns as “just one meeting after another.” And while that makes light of all of the other things that go into a capital campaign, it’s a valid description! So you had better know how to organize and facilitate great meetings. I […]

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Capital Campaign Objectives: What Can We Raise Money For?


This post is step one of a four-step roadmap for your capital campaign planning. As part of this series, step one is all about possibility and impact. “What Should We Raise Capital Campaign Money For?” If a capital campaign is in your future, you should be thinking about what you’ll want […]

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How to Plan a Successful Capital Campaign in Four Steps


If a capital campaign might be in your organization’s future, it’s never too soon to think about the steps of good capital campaign planning. If  your board is just starting to talk about a new building at board meetings, a capital campaign is probably in your future. And if you see […]

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Listen Your Way to Your Capital Campaign Gifts


What’s the toughest lesson to learn when you are soliciting your campaign gifts? To know when to shut up. Failure – or success – with your capital campaign ask Just imagine: Here you are, ready to make a key campaign solicitation. You’re getting ready to walk into your donor’s home, and you […]

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4 Guaranteed Strategies to Find Out More About Your Donors

blind woman in crowd

Don’t go into a capital campaign blind — with no idea whether your donors are going to make the kinds of gifts you’ll need to succeed. You’ve got to do some homework. How can you tell if you have donors who have the potential and inclination to give to your campaign? There […]

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