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5 Capital Campaign Myths Debunked – Don’t Make These Mistakes!


Many of the concerns people have about capital campaigns — and the majority of mistakes they make during campaigns — can be laid at the foot of five common misconceptions. However, once you understand the facts, you will be less stressed and more likely to succeed. Myth #1: We have […]

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Is Your Board On Board for a Capital Campaign?

Everyone pointing forward?

If you’re getting ready for a capital campaign, you had better be sure you’re board is fully behind and excited about the plans. I’ve heard more than a few people express concern about their board’s commitment.  At the meeting when they discuss the plans, there doesn’t seem to be a […]

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10 Reasons to Have a Capital Campaign Every 10 Years


Why do we say that nonprofits should consider a capital campaign every ten years? No, we don’t think you’re going to want to build or buy a new building every decade! But we do think that, at least every ten years, you should find the courage, energy and passion to […]

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Find Major Donors for Your Campaign with Donor Screening Sessions

Donor screening sessions

Donor screening sessions are an excellent way to find out detailed information about prospective donors to your capital campaign. In fact, they just might be the most sure-fire method of prospect research in our book! Of course, you’ll do your own online research. You’ll ask board members for referrals, and […]

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Thought Experiment: Changing How We Think About Capital Campaigns

ThinkerDavid Yu

Gail and I spend a good part of our time with clients helping them understand how capital campaigns differ from other kinds of fundraising efforts. But let’s step back and ask an even more basic question… What, exactly, is a capital campaign? Our colleague Nick Fellers from The Suddes Group […]

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Answer 5 Simple Questions to Create a Powerful Case for Support

5 questions to create a case for support

A capital campaign case for support is a very particular, exacting document: It needs to be short and detailed. It must be factual. It should appeal to readers’ emotions. On top of all that, your case for support will be the source for all of your other campaign materials. Everything […]

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