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Natural Partners: Capital Campaigns, Planned Giving and Endowment


One question we hear a lot in our coaching program is whether you should include a goal for endowment gifts in your capital campaign. The question often goes like this: If we give donors the chance to give to the endowment as a part of our campaign, will they be […]

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5 Capital Campaign Strategies to Energize Your Annual Fundraising


Do you ever wish you had a new way of thinking about your annual fundraising?  Does it feel tired and old? We’ve got some suggestions for you taken right out of the capital campaign play book that we’ve seen work again and again. Warning, capital campaign fundraising is not same […]

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7 Questions when Choosing a Capital Campaign Consultant


If you’re considering hiring a consultant to help with your capital campaign, you might be interested in these questions that many people often ask. Deciding on a consultant can be confusing! Who should you choose? Answer These 7 Questions when Choosing Your Capital Campaign Consultant Andrea composed these notes for […]

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3 Simple Tips to Make Your Major Donor Asks More Successful


Tip 1: Make Sure Your Asks Reflect the Donor’s Interests Never ask someone for money just because they have money.  Only ask people for money because you know a real reason they might want to give that your cause. Through many years in this business, I’ve acquired friends who have […]

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10 New Year Resolutions When You’re in Capital Campaign Mode


If you’re in Capital Campaign Mode, you’ll be having a fast-paced year. It will be full of surprises and challenges. Certainly not boring! Since you’ll be pretty busy, we wanted to offer you these New Year’s resolutions. Here’s hoping they’ll make your year more fun and more successful! And if […]

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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Capital Campaign Volunteers Feel Appreciated


Have you noticed how hard it is to recruit great fundraising volunteers? In our pre-campaign coaching, Gail and I see that it’s more and more challenging to get busy, capable, well-connected volunteers – the very kind you want – to agree to chair your campaign or even to serve on […]

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Can You Use Your Organization’s Big Anniversary to Stage a Capital Campaign?


We spend lots of time — hours and hours — coaching people about their capital campaign plans. We’ve spoken with hundreds of people representing organizations of all sizes and shapes. And again and again, people tell us that their organization has a big anniversary coming up — 10 years, 25 […]

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How to Get Your Board Members Fired Up about Asking

asking matters

Most people – including your board members – want to learn about themselves!  That’s what’s so alluring about personality tests. And now there’s a personality test that will tell you your Asking Style. Once you realize that everyone has their own way of asking, meeting with donors will be easier […]

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A Mistake-Proof Capital Campaign Checklist


Smart capital campaign planning is like stacking dominoes. You take the time to carefully and strategically line them up. Then once the campaign begins, they all drop one after the other in perfect sequence. So if you’re planning a capital campaign, thinking about one, or even hoping to have one […]

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My $5 Million Campaign Ask that Totally Bombed


Here’s my story of a hoped-for campaign commitment gone sour. I’m sharing it with you today in the hopes that you’ll learn a bit about what NOT to do — and perhaps what TO DO on an important ask. My Unfortunate Story Begins It was a hot summer day in […]

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