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6 Powerful Elements that Create an Airtight Case for Support


Writing the case for supporting your campaign is hard work. Gail and I hear from many people in our coaching program just how hard it is. It’s hard to find the quiet time to concentrate. It’s hard to know how to organize the case. And really, it’s even harder to […]

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3 Essential Events to Highlight During Your Capital Campaign Timeline

Events also help boost your volunteers' enthusiasm.

Your capital campaign timeline will have many phases and milestones as you lay out the sequence of events. You’ll be preparing for different stages; from planning, to solicitation, to completion. Within your timeline, use these three major events to mark the beginning, middle and end of your campaign. These three […]

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3 Winning Strategies to Recruit the Best Capital Campaign Chairs


It’s becoming harder and harder to find great (or even good) campaign chairs. It’s no longer the good old days. It’s the good new days. And the sooner we understand what’s changed, the quicker we can develop leadership models that’ll work for today’s capital campaigns. Why it’s so Hard to […]

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How to Get Big Money Donors Involved in Your Campaign – at the Very Beginning


When should you start working on a capital campaign? Here’s a typical question: We’re in the midst of a strategic planning process and we plan to launch a campaign to help fund some of the initiatives that emerge from the plan. When should we start our campaign relative to the […]

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5 of Your Most Pressing Capital Campaign Questions – Answered

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We love your capital campaign questions! We’ve selected five of them, provided brief scenarios to give them context, and offered our expert answers. 1. Can a tiny organization conduct a successful capital campaign? We’re a tiny organization with no paid staff and no organized fundraising program. We raise money from […]

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Typical Questions Asked in a Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Most donors really do want to tell you what is in their hearts.

Let’s dispel the mystery about what happens during a feasibility study. I want to shine some light on this mysterious conversation that happens between your consultant and your prospective donor. Have you ever wondered exactly how this discussion works? As a veteran of countless feasibility studies, I’m sharing with you […]

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