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10 Steps to a Knockout Capital Campaign Case for Support

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Just what is a “case for support?” You might think it’s just a brochure about your capital campaign. Or a slogan you print out and hang in your office. You’d be wrong. The Case for Support Isn’t What You Think It Is The truth is, your case for support is […]

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How and Why to Set a Breathtaking Capital Campaign Goal

Mountain by Yumian Deng

Ask most people in the first phases of planning a capital campaign how much they need to raise and they’ll have a simple answer straight out of the gate. It might be something like, “We’re planning to raise $5 million over five years.” But that quick, simple answer… It’s seldom […]

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Set Your Capital Campaign Up for Success with Leadership Interviews


Donors don’t just give capital campaign-level gifts out of the blue! If you think about it, you’ll find it hard to imagine someone writing a check for six, seven or eight figures to an organization they have little contact with.  It seldom happens. Donors give those big gifts to organizations […]

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6 Reasons Why You Need a Capital Campaign Consultant

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During a recent client coaching session, we spent an hour talking about the reasons why its so important to hire a capital campaign consultant. Yes, we’ve covered this topic before, but the question keeps coming up. Besides, we thought of even more reasons that hiring a consultant is such a […]

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Asking Twice: Make Your Annual Appeal and Your Capital Campaign Play Nicely Together

Double Mention, Double Ask

T’is the season to bring in as much as 30% of your nonprofit’s annual revenue through your year-end fundraising drive. At the end of the year, you’re probably contacting your donors to give year-end gifts every which way including email, letters, Facebook, letters in bottles… But, wait! You’re also planning, […]

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Ready for a Capital Campaign? Here’s a Simple, Sure-Fire Test

Business Woman Series 09

Lots of people ask Gail and me whether or not they’re ready for a capital campaign. To help them — and you — we’ve come up with a very short, simple way of figuring it out. So, is your nonprofit ready for a capital campaign? Take the little test below […]

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