Capital Campaign Success

Capital Campaign AssessmentWant to know if your capital campaign will be a success before you even start?

Luckily, you don’t need a crystal ball to get a good sense of whether you’re capital campaign will be a success.

Predicting Capital Campaign Success

To get a sense of where you stand with your capital campaign, take a look at our six-part assessment (it’s free). It’ll help you see clearly where you’re organization is strong and what areas need work.

This assessment will help you determine:

  • Is your BOARD ready for a capital campaign? Do they love your organization? Are they willing to pick up the phone?
  • Do you have the VOLUNTEER LEADERS you need for a successful capital campaign? Can you name three people who would be great campaign chairs?
  • Do you have some DONORS who’ll step up to the plate at the levels you’ll need to assure your campaign’s success?
  • Do you know—really know—what the CASE is for your capital campaign?
    NOTE: We need more money is not the right answer here.
  • What’s your IMAGE in your community? How well are you regarded?

Discover your Capital Campaign Success Quotient, and use the free advice provided by Capital Campaign Magic to make your campaign a continued success.

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